1949 Rose Bowl

I’m testing whether or not I can post a pic on this new site. Go Cats!

Nice picture, graphics don’t make it to the emails, though. (I didn’t expect them to.) Links should probably work even via email, depending on your email service.

Testing whether I can reply and also notingJim’s picture didn’t come through, atleastto me

Go Cats

Pictures posted on the new site won’t make it to email, because they’re stored locally on this site. I’m not sure if they’re even accessible with a more complete URL, because they’re probably stored in the database. I’ll do some checking on that, but I don’t expect to find a workaround.

BTW, if you reply to an email DO NOT use ‘REPLY ALL’, because it will copy the old list server, which will reject it because the only posts it is accepting now are the ones being relayed from the new server.

The email address replies go to to should be one that looks something like this:

If you’re having issues getting a new password, contact me off-list, using either of the email addresses below. The gmail one should work in case your email system and mine are not communicating well.

Mike Nolan

I changed a setting that MIGHT help produce useable URLs of images in emails.

Let’s see if this one comes through in email.

BTW, this is a Cooper’s hawk that flew into our kitchen window and sat on a chair for several minutes before flying off. He appears to be staying in the neighborhood.

I keep trying this but something is messing with the settings.
This is the full URL for Jim’s Rose Bowl image.


This might be an issue with the mailman server, which might not be fixable.

We didn’t receive the picture either.


I fixed the problem with some posts not going out, though I’m still not sure exactly how it got that way.

This probably doesn’t do anything for getting third party email services (notably but possibly not exclusively AOL) to bring up links for images uploaded to the new server, though. That may not be something I can change.

Jim, do you want to try posting the image in a new topic?