A rough day for quarterbacks

Haven’t seen anything official about Bryant yet, maybe I just missed it.

Iowa won the game but may have lost its starting QB.

Duke lost the game and may have lost their starting QB, too.

What’s going on with Illinois? Statistically the game was close, on the scoreboard it was not. Nebraska gets Illinois next (on Friday night), that’ll be an interesting benchmark for both teams, Michigan made the Huskers look really bad.

And is there a championship-level team in the SEC? Georgia hasn’t looked the part yet.

I suspect Michigan will be #1 this week after trouncing Nebraska and Georgia barely getting by Auburn

With the NYG doing poorly, maybe Kafka will be become available for NU permanent HC


Why would he want the job?

If he called Fitz, what advice would Fitz give him about working at Northwestern?

Come on.

What about Duke’s OC Kevin Johns as he has lots of history with us?


Georgia remained #1, but Michigan and Texas are gaining on the Dawgs. Texas-Oklahoma will be a good test for the Horns.

I don’t think it’s out of the question for Kafka. He might want an opportunity to turn around a program at his Ala mater Then again he might not I was surprised when former NE Patriot OC Bill O’Brien took the Penn State job after Joe Pa, but he did for a short time and then moved on

Kafka was probably on the list for future NFL head coaches but may have dropped given the Giants offensive troubles

Perhaps you know him and know of his possible desires going forward ; I don’t



Kafka has never evinced any interest in coaching at the college level, as far as I am aware—other than as a Grad Assistant under Fitz in 2016. Every job after that was at the pro level. He is not going to NU—especially to work for such accomplished masters as Schill and Gragg. I wouldn’t if I were him—would you?

Hope you are well.


Paul H. Levinson

I’d speculate that David Braum might get the job full-time, but he’s kind of set up an ‘us vs them’ mentality and Gragg is part of the ‘them’.

I would think he might consider it if he felt his pro chances had significantly diminished. I don’t know if they have or not. Certainly coaching Pat Mahones has been a big feather in his cap ; more recently seeing the NY Giants and their poor ( is that an understatement?) offense might be a big liability in his likely quest for a HC in the NFL


Unless Andy Reid steps down, almost any team that might hire Kafka as their next head coach is, pretty much by definition, not playing well and probably doesn’t have the talent to win right away.

It’s probably a little easier being an OC or head coach when you’ve got a talented and deep roster. So far I’m not convinced the Giants are playing worse under Kafka’s playcalling than they did under their last OC.

Iowa QB McNamara is out for the rest of the season with an ACL tear.