Any news on 2024 recruits?

Nebraska is up to 13 (unofficial) commits in its 2024 recruiting class, any word on how the Cats are doing?

NU has 10 commits, which, on the surface doesn’t sound bad. But, the commits they have don’t have as many, or as prestigious P5 offers as our recent classes.

The real concern is skilled offense positions. Every QB target has committed elsewhere, although they have extended a new offer to a Nevada QB quarterback commit who may be good. There is no RB commit and doesn’t appear to be one leaning toward NU. And, there is no WR commit.

It’s not clear how much NIL is affecting NU’s offensive skill recruiting vs. our recent, really poor offense, although the word is that a QB who silently committed to NU changed his mind after being offered $s by Missouri.

I tried to make the above as factual as possible, but it’s concerning. NIL and the transfer portal will make it harder for schools like NU, and our recent field performance came at a very bad time.