Bryant not expected to play

ESPN is reporting that Ben Bryant is not expected to play for the Cats today.

Mike Nolan

Apparently, neither is the offensive line. They gave up 8 sacks.

And a lot of TFL’s. And they left a lot of points on the field. Probably cements David Braun not being elevated to head coach, too.

Braun inherited offensive coaches he didn’t choose, so I lay the offense’s failures at their feet.

He was always an unlikely candidate for the head coaching job. He does have the defense playing well, though, so I hope he’ll be given the chance to stick around as defensive coordinator.


Need to go after Mike Elko, the Duke coach, for the job. Defense minded, superb record in the two years he’s been a head coach (up 3 at half over Florida State) and knows well how to recruit to elite institutions. Would he leave Duke? NU has the wherewithal to make it worth his while to leav, not to mention the facilities and commitment.

Go Cats

I’d like to see them go for former Wisconsin interim coach Jim Leonhard, currently a special assistant at Illinois. I think he understands the territory.

I don’t see Elko leaving Duke, nor do I see Kansas coach Lance Leipold being willing to move, having turned down offers from other schools last year. I know, money talks, but NU may have to conserve cash to settle lawsuits.

Duke gave up a lot of late points in their loss to FSU.

If you have a good defensive guy around, maybe you go for an offensive genius - someone who can get back to where we were then we were the Cardiac Cats and won a few games we shouldn’t?



Hiring someone who is already a head coach probably increases the odds he wants to bring in a DC he’s familiar with.

Leonhard is a former DC, so he might also have a preferred DC.

Perhaps the thing to do is find an OC who’s ready to move up to HC.