Cats Win 38-7 over UTEP

Cats win 38-7, first win for a NU coach in his home debut since John Pont in 1973. First time they’ve scored more than 35 points since 2020.

I hope the Pont connection is coincidental. I was there for that game—and Pont really sucked and led us into the Dark Ages. I was at Rutgers last week—and we sure looked better and more inspired today. The missed FG at end of First Half was a big momentum swing and took some pressure off the team.


Paul H. Levinson

We talked with Zak Kustok before the game in the parking lot and I asked him if he would agree to be our head coach. I also offered the OC position if he didn’t want to be head coach.

I asked him whether he had a positive experience at Northwestern based on the hazing and he said he did have a positive experience at NU.

He sits right in front us and had a conversation with Tim Doyle during the game. Revenue sports collide.

My neighbor where his kid is a current member of team tells me he enjoys his experience as well. ( He hasn’t played a down in 2 + years ). He did say that Akers left because he and nobody else likes the special teams coach


This is my 30th year attending Northwestern football games, and I thought today’s attendance was the lowest I’ve ever seen. The box score confirms that belief. Official attendance of 14,851. I can recall some non-conference games in the upper teens, but never below 15,000. Two years ago on the same weekend, and this was during a COVID surge in September 2021, we had 26,000 for an 11:00 am kick against Indiana State. I can’t readily find the last time we had fewer than 20,000 fans.

I don’t think anyone is happy about the current situation. And on top of that, this was our first win at Ryan Field since October 2021.

Virginia lost by a point to James Madison but old friend Malik Washington had 5 catches for 119 yards and a TD in a losing cause

While Henning and Peyton have been great pick ups ,I believe NU ,on balance ,been on the losing end of the Portal during the past few years

Also of note is Drake Anderson now playing for Akron after being with U of Arizona.


And if some enterprising Sports Guy with a mic asks either of them if he’s glad he transferred from NU…

Go B1GCats