Coaching Carousel picking up speed

Mississippi State has fired its coach today.

The imagery of the Dr. Pepper commercial with the coaching carousel is hard to get out of my head!

If we don’t lock Braun down as a head coach, I bet he will be a DC at a bigger program next year. I’m not saying USC, but maybe the next tier after the bluebloods.

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Brady Hoke (San Diego State coach) is retiring at the end of the season.

There are programs that might consider Braun as head coach, too. (NU should be at the top of that list!)

My wife wonders if maybe there’s a deal in the works but not finalized. Kinda tough to announce he’s the new head coach and then negotiate a contract. But the clock is ticking and the early signing date is just weeks away now.

After a single year as a head coach with no recruiting I can’t imagine anyone besides us in FBS would hire him as a head coach.

I doubt even MAC schools would take that risk and nobody in the Power 5. A DC at a Power 5 makes more than most MAC coaches.

I completely agree we should hire him, but I would require him to only fill the DC vacancy and not swap coaches for at least a year or two.

Being quiet until the deal is fully negotiated makes sense, but each win makes the price go up.

Looks like you either make $7-$10 million or you make around $4 million. Before the Wisconsin win I think $2-$3 million a year for 4-6 years he would’ve signed without question.

As I said the other day, if Braun is hired what will he do (or be told to do) about the assistant coaches who might be considered tainted because of the hazing stuff? It seems to me that if Fitz was being sheltered from those activities, which I find hard to believe, then the assistant coaches HAD to know what was going on.

I think the OC has to go, regardless, though

With the Evanston City Council set to take a final vote on the stadium rezoning tonight, that might set forces in action regarding both Gragg and Braun.

I do agree that with each win, Braun’s price tag should be going up, especially if the Cats make a bowl game by beating Purdue.

Mike Nolan

I’m hearing a rumor from a good source that Paul Chyrst heads the short list of HC candidates. Tge source asked if I could spread the request amongst my “contacts” to tell Gragg that we hope Braun gets named. Anybody wishing to do so, thanks!


Chryst has always focused on offense as a coach, maybe the idea is to have him as head coach and let Braun focus on the defense?

Gragg has been pretty invisible.

Jim was at EVERY football game and glad-handed the corporate sponsor, honored veteran, or championship 'Cat team.

Only his assistants have shown up to football this year for the glad-handing.

The only sighting we heard of was a homecoming luncheon where he made a 5 minute speech and then left with no chit chat.

Over my time as a booster and season ticket holder I’ve had conversations with every AD except for him. My favorite topic with the entire AD staff was football traffic control. They must’ve dreaded these conversations.

FWIW, Nebraska’s AD just got an extension through 2031, and a base salary increase from $853K to $1.7M, not counting performance bonuses and retention clauses.

Fwiw? It’s worth a lot particularly relative to the cost of living in Lincoln This is in reward for having the smarts to hire a football coach that was better than Frost?


My guess is they were worried he might take another AD opening, despite being a star player at Nebraska years ago.

I think our cat would have had enough brains to fire Scott Frost.

Makes him harder for process servers to find. :slight_smile:

Syracuse fired its coach today after 8 seasons and a 41-55 record.

East Tennessee fires its coach.

Arkansas makes news by NOT firing its coach.

ESPN is reporting that Indiana has fired Tom Allen, with a $20M+ buyout.

Mark Stoops is staying at UK, he was a rumored top candidate for the Texas A&M job.

ESPN says reports are that Houston will fire coach Dana Holgorsen, so fire-your-coach Sunday is progressing.

ESPN now reporting Texas A&M is ready to hire Mike Elko away from Duke. Elko was the DC at A&M for several years before going to Duke.

ESPN also reporting Louisiana-Monroe is firing Terry Bowden.

Middle Tennessee State has fired 18 year coach Rick Stockstill, he was 4th on the list among longest tenured coaches.

Oregon State has elevated DC Trent Bray to head coach, replacing Jonathan Smith, who went to Michigan State.

Bray served as interim head coach at Nebraska after Mike Riley was fired.