How to start a new topic via email

Well, there were some glitches in the system today and it stopped relaying email to the old list site, so the first copy of this post didn’t go out.

Everybody who had an account created by me during migration of the images should be able to start a new topic via email (assuming I have your current and full email address in your discourse user record), but you no longer send them to the nwu sports at tssi dot com email address.

People who sign up for a new account will not have the ability to start new topics by email until after they’ve been around a while, that’s an anti-spam feature. As I see and recognize long-time list members who sign up for new accounts, I’ve been upgrading them.

Here are the three email addresses to use:

Other sports or general:

If you’re having problems, and some problems during a conversion are to be expected, it is probably better to contact me off-list.

Mike Nolan