Michigan self-imposes 3 game suspension for Harbaugh

A 4 game suspension got nixed by the NCAA’s infraction committee, so Michigan has self-imposed a 3 game suspension for Harbaugh.

Sure looks like a smart move for Michigan. Give a self imposed suspension during non conference games. If the NCAA determines he should get a suspension longer than 3 games, they will probably offset it with the equivalent of “time served” , thus probably avoiding having all of the suspended games conference , post season or bowl games . Plus it may reduce the actual total penalty because the NCAA tends to like it when the schools impose early penalties on themselves


Infractions Committee doesn’t like being insulted by schools self-imposing penalties lighter than one’s rejected for being too lenient. I agree that whatever penalty is handed out will likely be offset by time served.

They may be hoping that if the total suspension is more than 4 games, they’ll be able to apply the rest of them to the 2024 season so that fewer or none of the suspensions are for conference games.