NU to launch two investigations into athletics

Will this clarify things or just muddy the water?

I haven’t seen this posted. I found it interesting.

I mentioned earlier there was hazing at my high school, but it was so selective. It could be certain position groups have hazing and others don’t and it starts and stops year to year depending who the leaders of the group are.

The freshmen on our HS football team were expected to carry the practice dummies out onto the practice fields and back afterwards, that’d probably meet some definitions of hazing these days.

As an equipment manager, I was happy to see the freshman lug those thing back and forth, because otherwise I had to do it!

That would certainly be in a Fitz favor ; ie that the hazing was not widespread nor ingrained in the program.

I’m guessing however that the lawsuits being filed by former players would hurt Fitz case if the university has to pay out any money ; (due to hazing under his tenure as coach )

Related is that ESPN is reporting that the player suits may include Shapiro and Phillips as defendants. (I think legal theory normally says put down everyone you can )