Odds shift a little on Purdue game

Earlier today, Northwestern was a 1 point favorite over Purdue, now they’re a 1 point underdog.

Mike Nolan

Even in their losses, Perdoo looked pretty good.

Its not the old Basketball on Grass, but I liked their style of play.

Go B1GCats


Now the line is Purdue by 2, over/under 46.5.

Well, the line moved points against us when we played Wisky last week. Look what happened.
This might be a good sign :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lou Martinaitis

Today the line is up to Purdue by 3. Iowa is also favored by 3 over Illinois, Indiana by 4 over MSU and Wisconsin by 5 over Nebraska. The other conference games are all 19 points or more spreads.

Deion Sanders has not been a fan of night games for CU, he’s gotta be thrilled with a 7:30 PM (9:30 PM CT) kickoff on Friday in Pullman.

He’ll get more day games moving into a central time zone focused conference next year assuming someone doesn’t buy him out.

For home games I prefer the 11am as we do breakfast before the game. I am not a tailgater.
Night games during September are okay as it tends to be less hot and I don’t get as baked/sunburned.
Once you are in October or November we barely get any sun on the west side for 2:30pm kickoffs so it can be cold. In the new stadium I expect NO sun based on the coverings over the seating areas.

I rarely stay up for full primetime game. I can’t imagine what I would do with a 9:30pm kickoff.

For the B1G western teams it will likely be the extremes – 9am away games and evening home games.

I like 11 AM games (CT) for viewing from home, I hated them when we had season tickets and had to get from Nebraska to Evanston by 11AM, when we couldn’t leave Lincoln until nearly 4PM on Friday after school got out.

Some years half the Northwestern and Nebraska games were in the same time slot, this year I think only one has been.

If the stadium project gets approved by the Evanston City Council on Monday, I would expect Northwestern games to be all over the map (literally) in terms of where and when they’re played during the two years of construction. I suspect they’ll play some games in Wrigley Field, some at Soldier Field, probably one out of the country, and might even be the home team in a conference foe’s stadium a few times.


BREAKING: David Braun expected to be hired as Northwestern football’s next full-time head coach

](BREAKING: David Braun expected to be hired as Northwestern football’s next full-time head coach - Inside NU)

Hadn’t thought about it before it was mentioned in the article, but the next two years this team will essentially be on the road for the whole season.

That fact alone would be sufficient to discourage bigger names from taking a look at the team.

Combine that with the cloud hanging over this team because hazing and the Fitz firing, Braun may be the best guy for the job.

What will be interesting is how long Braun will stay.


I hadn’t thought about the impact the stadium project might have on hiring a new head coach, either.

Braun may not have close ties to Northwestern, though he grew up in SE Wisconsin, but I wouldn’t expect him to show up on other teams short lists for a few years anyway.

Once he’s official, he needs to get cracking on recruiting, the Cats have a really small class ranked about 96th the last I saw. I don’t think Bryant has another year of eligibility left, so they need to find a QB.

Recruiting: It is going to be whatever it’s going to be.

He probably has a pipeline to FCS guys that we otherwise couldn’t access.

Look, SC has four- and five-star guys. I assure you our defense is way better.

I think the emphasis on four and (especially) five star players is overdone. Northwestern has had several players selected in the first round of the draft lately, were any of them five star players or four star? But they had good coaches who developed them into NFL caliber players.

Todays game has betting line down to + 2 this morning Remember opening line had Cats at -1. As the politicians who are behind in the polls always say “The only poll that counts is on Election Day”


I believe Purdue’s QB is a late scratch. Apologies if it’s been mentioned here before. I imagine that had an effect on the line.


I got it at +3 earlier this morning but I see it at +2.5 now on MGM

Cats hold Purdue on their opening possession, then put together a drive from midfield, but miss the PAT, so they lead 6-0.