OTE 2023 Northwestern Wildcats Cocktail Party Preview

Lots of sarcasm and pessimism, but it is hard to argue

A brutal but IMHO basically fair assessment of things. Fitz seems to have lost the recipe for the secret sauce, or maybe Hankwitz took it with him.

A new AD and new President might not give Fitz much leeway. But we said pretty much the same thing about Collins last fall, and now he’s got a shiny new 3 year extension, presumably with a raise. What’s the equivalent of making the NCAA Tournament for the football team? Making and winning a bowl game?

Are there 6 wins to be had in 2023? Rutgers is always a big question mark, but maybe, like Nebraska last year, catching them early is a good sign. Duke has been hard on the Cats lately, but maybe they’re due a down year. Howard and UTEP would make 4. Can they go 2-2 against Minnesota, Purdue, Nebraska and Maryland? Can they find an upset against Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State or Illinois?

Mike Nolan

A quarterback can change a lot of things. Let’s see