Streaming question

I’m starting to pull the plug on cable here and am hoping some of the subscribers here are ahead of me and can help me figure things out.

I’ve signed up for the Hulu/Disney/ESPN package, which appears to include ESPN+, but I can’t seem to get to the ESPN+ articles on the ESPN website. Am I wrong about what it includes?

ESPN (AKA “The Mouse”) will nickle and dime you to death…

Kinda like Ancestry if you have family in Europe.

Go B1GCats



You should be able to log in to the website with the same credentials and see the ESPN+ articles. I don’t have the bundle, I pay for D+ and ESPN separately but I use my disney credentials to log in to my ESPN account and I see all the ESPN+ content, I’m pretty sure.


If you’ve been to a Disney park lately, it’s more like $50 and $100 you to death.

I’m thinking this may be a startup issue since I just signed up today.

Well, it appears that the HULU/DISNEY/ESPN+/LOCAL $79.99 option doesn’t include access to the ESPN+ article, so it’s another case of Disney nickel and diming customers. :sigh:

This may affect whether I stay with HULU or switch to another streaming option.