Test new topic via email

Testing starting a new topic via email

The changes I made yesterday were to split the NU Sports List and the Husker list into two separate sites so that I could make both of them open for public reading again without cross-posting issues. This created a few problems with the NU Sports list, that I think I have resolved.

Looks like I can both reply to posts and generate new topics via email, but the posting addresses have changed (they use discourse2+… instead of discourse+…).

The reply-to addresses on new posts should automatically be updated to use the discourse2+ address.

That means the posting addresses for the NU Sports list are now:

Football-related: discourse2+northwestern-football-post@lists.tssi.com
Basketball-related: discourse2+northwestern-basketball-post@lists.tssi.com
Other sports or general: discourse2+northwestern-post@lists.tssi.com