66 days until the Cats 2024 season starts

66 days until the Miami-Ohio game. The various 2024 season projections are coming out, most seem to think the Cats will struggle to become bowl-eligible. I think it may hinge on whether they’ve got a good QB this year.

Mike Nolan


Vegas thinks we are part of the dogs of the B1G, but CBS thinks we are one of the better dogs as we will overachieve vs. Vegas predictions.

As somebody who has historically been close to the program and had conversations with most of the coaches in the past I NEVER have any idea how we will perform. Each year is a mystery.

I go back to being a booster event in the club section and Randy Walker talked about this being the “strongest and fastest” team. As the season started and progress it seemed like the weakest and slowest teams he had in quite awhile.

Some odd picks there, like Rutgers beating Washington and Nebraska beating Wisconsin but losing to Iowa (again). I like the Cats to win the Purdue game, which would get them to 6, and I have no idea whether Iowa will find an offense lurking in the cornfields near Iowa City.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Iowa will be looking for a new head coach in the next 30 months, possibly well before that.

Don’t sleep on Rutgers and Washington lost literally its entire team and coaching staff. If the Cats have a QB, 6 should be the minimum expected but that’s a huge if.

Iowa got one of our QBs



Speculation at the time was that Sullivan was aware he wasn’t at the top of the depth chart, before any transfers arrived. At Iowa he’s likely to be the backup QB, but Iowa has had a history of QB injuries lately.

Transfers in and out are going to be a big deal every year now, between the near absence of limitations on transfers and the NIL opportunities.

Lately it seems that a kid is the backup QB, until he isn’t and starts.

Look at NU, we haven’t had a 100% certain starter since when?

Go B1GCats