A reminder on the Discourse interface

As the basketball season winds down, there may not be a lot of list activity for a while.

For those of you still on the legacy email server, this might be a good time to figure out how to use the Discourse web-based interface, which I find far easier to use, and faster, too. (And you can still sign up to get all your posts via email from the Discourse server.)

Nearly everybody getting the emails, even from the legacy server, should have a Discourse account. If not, you can always go to nu-sports.tssi.com and sign up for a new account. But try putting in your email address and seeing if it will send you a password update request first. (If you don’t like the login that was generated for you, I can change it to something else, just send me an email or a message on the Discourse server.)

To update your password, go to https://nu-sports.tssi.com, click on ‘log in’,
type in your email address, then click on ‘I forgot my password’.

You should get an email allowing you to update your password. (If you
don’t, either the email address isn’t a perfect match or your email
service is messing with things.)

Even without updating your password, assuming your email address in the
discourse user ID file is correct, just hitting ‘reply’ to a post
that you get in email (NOT ‘reply all’!!) should work.

The email address on a ‘reply’ should look something like this:

And if replying works, then starting a new topic by email should work, too.

But to start a new topic you need to use one of the three posting addresses:

Here are the three email addresses to use:

Football-related: discourse2+northwestern-football-post@lists.tssi.com
Basketball-related: discourse2+northwestern-basketball-post@lists.tssi.com
Other sports or general: discourse2+northwestern-post@lists.tssi.com

Mike Nolan