Almost hopeful post about Cats on Trib site

The Trib has an AP story on NU hoping to break its losing streak in tomorrow’s game against UTEP.

The story sounds almost hopeful, though the last I looked the Miners were still 1 point favorites.

Meanwhile, tonight’s Illinois @ Kansas game is blacked out on Spectrum cable because they’re fighting with Disney over a new carriage contract. Spectrum is just trying to chase loyal customers like me away.

While I despise Cable with a passion, this is one of the few times that
I am actually classifying the cable company as being in the right.
Disney is seeking to force cable operators to stick it to their
subscribers tooth and nail by having to pay at least $15-20/month for
ESPN regardless of the subscriber’s interest in sports. That way, Disney
can pay the ludicrous $2.2 billion/year that ESPN pays for the rights to
Monday Night NFL games.

ESPN actually pays for the Monday Night games than Fox or CBS pay for
their NFC and AFC packages. That’s because non-sports fans subsidize the
NFL for those who do watch sports games. It’s an unfair practice.

Some cable operators have even tried to offer basic packages which
wouldn’t include ESPN which would be markedly more affordable. Disney is
fighting this since they know how much ESPN would cost if it were a
premium service given that NFL contract.

Don’t blame Spectrum; blame Disney.

During NU record setting losing streak in the late 70’s and early 80’s I only recall the game with Miami of Ohio ,our last loss on the streak, as one that we had a solid chance of winning prior to the start of the game. (We did somehow almost beat Purdue and Ohio State. The 2 sandwich games of Wyoming and NIU definitely seemed like we had a decent chance of winning)

This season does seem like we have at least 2 winnable games , including UTEP, to allow a decent chance at stopping the streak . Then again who would have thought SIU would beat us at home?!


I’m willing to blame both sides. Cable prices and streaming prices are all going up, and as we get closer to both my wife and I being fully retired, expenses are getting closer looks. I can make a really short list of the things we watch, sports being high on my list, of course.

We were talking with one of Randy’s assistants Jay Peterson who was a RB for Randy at Miami(OH) and he told us this story.
He walked into the stadium and saw fans/students holding up the sign “You could be the one?”. He asked what it meant and was told about breaking the NU’s losing streak. He said “Hell no!” and Miami won the game.

Cats now favored by a point over UTEP