Another undrafted rookie is starting

San Francisco is playing Mr. Irrelevant from a year ago, the Bears are playing an undrafted DII rookie QB and now the Giants are starting former Illinois QB and undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito against the Cowboys on Sunday.

It’s a good time to not be a first round draftee QB, I guess.

Didn’t Elway turn down the old (laughable) Baltimore colts?

Go B1GCats



Elway ,as the obvious first pick said simply he would not play for the Colts , who owned the first pick. He of course would later declare bankruptcy tied to bad business deals in the Denver area after his playing days and having been President of the Broncos

As an aside on draft day, Elway was traded for a few players ( or draft picks) which included the #4 pick in the draft, Northwestern Tackle Chris Hinton ( I believe Hinton is still NU’s highest draft pick ever )


Elway is the reason I can’t stand the Broncos, though I relented for a few years when they had Trevor Siemian on the roster.

BTW, Siemian was picked up by the Jets to fill out their QB room (he’s on the practice squad) when Rodgers went down.

It is not difficult to imagine Siemian getting some reps in the weeks to come. Another game like the Chargers game, six points, and Saleh and Hacket may come under some severe criticism if they stick with Zach Wilson. The Jets are having difficulty scoring points, and protecting their quarterback. Sound familiar? But I think Wilson’s sacks are often the product of holding onto the ball way too long (a fatal flaw in the NFL).

Sullivan does that occasionally, but he is often running for his life as soon as he steps back into the pocket.

Which leads me to the observation, I hope that whoever the head coach is next year, that David Braun will be the defensive coordinator and that we will seek to find a new offensive coordinator. I wonder where we might be if Fitz had fired Bajakian last year (he genuinely earned a firing), and hired a competent young coach like Braun for the Offense.

Go Cats!

We should hire the guy from James Madison. He is a miracle worker

JMU coach Curt Cignetti is 62, though.

From an ESPN article on the Jets:

Asked why he’s not starting Trevor Siemian on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders, Saleh said, “Fair question. I don’t know. I’m going to plead the Fifth.”

NFL teams can activate two players from the practice squad each week without having to elevate them to the main roster.

Nick Saban is …

At any rate, our next coach is not going to be there for 17 years. Let’s get real.

Go Cats

Mack Brown is even older than Saban, and Kirk Ferentz is one of the 5 oldest college coaches.

Northwestern could sure offer him a big pay increase, he’s making mid 6 digits now.

But the Wildcats might not be the only suitor.