Article on ACC has numerous Big Ten references

Interesting article, especially the part about the Big Ten not having held any discussions with FSU and having Notre Dame as its primary target for future expansion.

Mike Nolan

FSU is not a member of the AAU so if past holds true, not likely to be a B1G candidate. Other than ND, the likely candidates are UNC and UVA, assuming they would be able to leave their land grant sister schools of NC State and VaTech behind.

Good. I’m good with UVA or UNC but not FSU and Miami. Good to hear ND is still the main target. It’s inevitable and logical.

If the Big Ten is serious about the Evil Empire, add Stanford and play hardball with scheduling. Once ND loses their Cali trip in November, SC in October and Michigan or MSU in September, their NBC package is worthless. Kick them out of hockey too until they wise up. Good luck with ACC hockey :slight_smile:


I don’t see where UVA or UNC move the needle much in terms of moving from 18 to 20 teams, but it may come down to choosing up sides for the almost inevitable two 40 team superconferences.

Be glad the Cats already have a seat at that table.

Notre Dame FB schedules are booked up so far in advance that the Big Ten can’t play hardball without cancelling scheduled games and paying a (presumably) substantial buyout fee.

AAU politics is so screwed up these days that I’m not sure that would be a significant factor against FSU. AAU just decided to add USF (corrected) over FSU, for example, and they kicked Nebraska out after excluding agricultural funding from the AAU formula. (Which seems rather odd for an organization that prides itself on having land-grant members.)

USF not UCF but that could easily reflect research bias against land grant schools. Not that there aren’t in already admitted but as with Nebraska the lean is toward flagship research schools and elite private research schools.