Audige and Nance go undrafted

Harry writes:

Europe, perhaps for these 2?

As an aside lots of players were drafted in the NBA this year from the European leagues


I don’t know Nance’s status, but I think Audige could play another season as long as he hasn’t hired an agent.


They need to talk with Jitim Young, who had a pretty good career in Israel…

and Does T.J. Parker still run his brother’s team in France?

Might be interesting for another round of undrafted B1GCats in Europe

Go B1GCats


Looks like Chase signed with the Miami Heat:

And that’s perfect for Chase! The Heat have a history of developing defense-minded UDFAs. It would be great for a lot of reasons if he were to grow into an NBA role through the Heat’s program.


Having Chase playing in the NBA would be a big plus for Northwestern, not a lot of Cats have made the NBA.

Hoping he can at least be a 2 way player. Teams seem to use that option to shuttle players back and forth from the G league much like Major League Baseball teams shuttle AAA players back and forth from The Minors to the Majors

I met Reggie Hearn , One of the few NU players to play in the NBA ( albeit for just a handful of games) at the Sacramento airport ( December ,2018). I was wearing a Northwestern hat and he came up to me and introduced himself. I’m not sure if he was a 2 way player at the time

We had a short conversation about NU student athletes and him telling me he was soon to be married