Basketball tickets

I bought 4 season tickets this year for basketball. My son and I attend most games. I will have two extra tickets for many games, and 4 for a few that we can’t attend.

I will only sell my tickets to other Northwestern fans, so I can’t sell through online marketplaces.

If you’re interested or even might be interested in a game, let me know. My seats are near mid-court in the first row of the upper level on the south side (facing the benches). I will sell to Northwestern fans for the single-game ticket price for that game or, if less, the prevailing online price for similar tickets. Or possibly less. I’m mainly interested in getting the tickets in the hands of other NU fans, if possible.

This message is for John Labbe. Sorry I don’t have his direct email address.

John — if you’re reading this and have extra tickets for the NU/OSU MBB game this weekend, email me at I’m considering driving up from Columbus for the game. Timing is good, as it’s an evening tipoff. I have not been back to campus since the WRA renovation, and I’m dying to see it! I may only need one, by the way. Not sure I can convince my wife to make the 12 hour round trip drive to Evanston.


J.R. McCullough