Bears hire NU’s Darby Dunnagan as director of video operations - Chicago Sun-Times

I can’t say I’m excited to see the Bears continuing to poach NU employees, but at least that means NU is hiring talented people.

You definitely don’t want to see horizontal moves of your employees as that suggests inferior culture or pay.

I think on the other hand if your employees seek promotions elsewhere it is overall good for the business as it spreads your reputation. Clearly Northwestern isn’t growing as we don’t aspire, nor are allowed to expand our football program to have 2 teams with 170 scholarships. An obvious example is having Mark Murphy as president of Packers vs. our AD probably helped us get additional players selected or at least selected earlier.

I think someone internal who can speak positively firsthand on the culture of an outside organization brings immeasurable benefits.

Now I’ve had the reverse as we had an employee leave and go to a customer. He held our feet to the fire as he knew the pricing, policies, and process and used it to his advantage.