Beran enters transfer portal, set to leave Northwestern after four years

When will the remaining shoe (Audige) drop?

Transfer portal departures are usually a bit more visible than arrivals, hopefully Chris Collins has plans for filling the vacated slots.

Ryan Nembhard, Creighton’s star point guard, announced he would enter the transfer portal today, the third Creighton player to enter the portal, I guess they feel Creighton can’t match their Elite Eight appearance next season.

I think in the Creighton guard’s case, it’s mostly about NIL. A lot of the movement is, at least among the best players transferring.


That’s what scares me about the totally uncontrollable world of NIL.

There are schools that have NIL cooperatives that can outbid nearly anybody if they want someone bad enough. Yeah, the coach isn’t supposed to know about this, but I’d bet a fair amount they have ways of finding out what’s going on and ‘encouraging’ things. (And probably had similar channels prior to NIL.)

Northwestern might have a rich alumni base, but I’m not sure they can outbid most of the schools in the Big Ten (including incoming UCLA and USC), much less places like Texas.

I’m not sure where that leaves schools like Gonzaga in basketball, maybe that’s why they’re being mentioned as a basketball member of the Pac-12?

Mike Nolan

Yep, it has the potential to radically change College sports. I support some payment of players, but this current market is totally up for grabs.

I apologize if I mentioned this earlier (I forget where I’ve brought it up), but there is a pretty much confirmed report that there’s a drive to raise NIL money for both Chase and Boo. Whether that’s coming completely from NU’s formal NIL collective or from private donors, I don‘t know.


I thought the collectives were just ways of organizing the commercial entities and donors that are providing the NIL money.

It’s not like the NCAA or anybody else has any control over the NIL situation.

Mike Nolan