Big Ten-SEC Advisory Group

The Big Ten and the SEC have announced a new study group the Big Ten-SEC Advisory Group, which will look at issues the two conferences have in common.

Two thoughts: Notice which conference comes first. And notice that the NCAA is relegated to ‘also ran’ status in the announcement.

Revival of talk about FSU to the B1G

and video

talking about how FSU could pay the $120 million exit fee, sacrifice all their home TV revenue, and still make it work for a conference because it supposedly can prove that it produces $140 million a year in value so the B1G can still pay them $70 million a year which is $32 million more than they are getting from the ACC so the $120 is paid off in 4 years.

The video also talks that it WILL happen in 2025 and COULD happen in 2024, which is unfathomable.

I think they’re insane

FSU has only played Maryland and Nebraska over 3 times. The rest of the B1G in 13 total games. We have no connection to FSU and Maryland based on the record doesn’t have fond memories either. Obviously they are also academic meh and geographically almost as crazy as the Pac 12 refugees, however they were a packaged deal where we had a historical rivalry.
Note: They own the B1G in games they’ve played. Kind of sad.

Obviously they are a better football get than Maryland or Rutgers, but at least both of those are attached to the B1G footprint.

One of FSU’s first big-time wins was when they came into Lincoln in 1980 and beat Nebraska. The first 4 games in the series were split 2-2, FSU has won the last 4, all bowl games.

19 is a difficult number for scheduling purposes, is there a 20th team they could steal from the ACC? And wouldn’t Jim Phillips be steaming if they did?

The difficulties FSU faces are too numerous to mention. If they were so adamantly against the Grant of Rights then why did they sign it twice? Did Swofford negotiate poorly with ESPN? Undoubtedly but that was years ago and FSU went along with the results. Did he lie to the membership? Unknown but even if he did, the fact that they got nothing extra for extending the Grant of Rights was known to the membership and FSU still signed on.
FSU offers very little to the Big Ten other than a revived football program. It’s not a member of the AAU and we all know how important that is to the Chancellors and Presidents, Nebraska’s departure from the AAU notwithstanding. Still, every member of B1G was a member at the time they joined the conference.I seriously doubt that FSU would bring enough additional media money to justify diminishing each member’s proportionate share. I still think that if FSU is somehow successful in breaking the Grant of Rights, B1G is far more interested in UNC or likely UVa than FSU. I don’t think the SEC is all that interested either.

I second the insane conclusion.

Go Cats