Boo Buie Announces Return to Northwestern for 2023-24 - Northwestern University Athletics

Great to hear. Wonder if he just did not get a better opportunity elsewhere or he had second thoughts on leaving ( or maybe a little of both)

Perhaps his staying will aid CC in recruiting another person or 2 from the portal


Maybe the NIL folks came up with the right number for him to stay. He may have gotten a report on his NBA prospects, too.

Now, will Audige stay too?

Mike Nolan

The street rumor says he’s getting $250+K in NIL.

Add in the Princeton transfer, whom I believe is a perfect addition to this team, and Chase Audige’s defense, if he comes back, and we could have an even better season than last year.


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Great news on Boo Buie… now, if CC can get the “gang” back together along with the new folks then we should be “dancing” in 2024 as well.

I’m really excited about the kid from our back yard who is transferring back. It sends a message to other kids in Chicago that the grass might just be greener up in Evanston.

Go B1GCats



I have a feeling Chase will end up playing overseas. He is bigger and stronger than Boo, and has a well-deserved rep as a defensive stopper, and that may translate to more interest at the professional level.


Paul H. Levinson

$250K is a whole lot more than the NBA ‘G’ league pays, according to Google their salary scale is $40,500 for a 50 game season (October-March).

They both are really the minor league for the NBA - though of course players in the G league can get shuttled back and forth to the parent NBA team via 2 way contracts

Still you have a greater show piece in the BT to become a potential draft pick ; and presumably the fun of staying in college hanging with your teammate buddies ,plus an extra estimated $200 k in income