Bowl projections

CBS’s Jerry Palm currently has Northwestern vs Northern Illinois in the Quicklane Bowl on Dec 26th. Meh. Cue the Michelle Lee song: I didn’t come to New York to meet a guy from my home town.

He has Illinois vs UCLA, and does not think Nebraska will be in a bowl.

He’s also predicting Liberty vs James Madison in the New Orleans Bowl on the 16th.

Cats UNC currently in OT in national title game

headed to shootout now.

NC wins it in the 2nd (sudden death) shootout.

Cats lose shootout by one. UNC coach was a player for them last year she’s all of 23

Booo! I want Phoenix! Or Vegas! :slight_smile:

One of the coolest thing about NU’s bowls since 1995 is that we’ve really only had one repeat destination.



247 sports has NU vs Kansas in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl in Phoenix.

I wonder if Erin Matson has set some kind of NCAA record for the youngest head coach to win a national championship?

If she stays successful, she could be there a LOOOONG time.

The Quicklane Bowl is a reincarnation of Detroit’s Motor City Bowl. And, of course, it’s against a MAC team. Could we just take the extra practice time and not go to the bowl.

That would be a cool meetup with former NU Assoc. AD Travis Goff, who left to take the AD job at Kansas. Great guy!

Opening line for NU is underdog by 5.5
Nebraska is favored by a point over Iowa with an under / over at 27.5.

I m guessing that part of the reason why the poorer opponents ( by record) are both favored may be they need to win their game to become bowl eligible whereas Iowa is not only bowl eligible , but has won the West . So not as big an incentive to win, but stay as healthy as you can for your game in Indy


Looks like ESPN’s Bonagura has the Cats in the Music City Bowl against Auburn and Schlabach has us in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl vs Kansas, either of which would be better than playing Northern Illinois in Detroit.

So that narrows it down to 5

Las Vegas


Win Saturday and Detroit is off the table.

I’m not sure that’s necessarily true, I think the bowls get to pick in a specific order but they can take any eligible Big 10 team, and they might prefer some other team over Northwestern, although the Cats have a great media story.

Nebraska could still qualify for a bowl game if they beat Iowa, the spread was even and the over/under was at 27.5 last night on that game, but today Nebraska is a 1.5 point favorite and the over/under is 26.5. Nebraska has a better record of sending fans to bowl games than Northwestern does, and selling tickets is a primary goal of bowls.

According to the blurb on the Today show this morning, yes, it is by far a record for youngest coach to win a national championship.


I don’t know if I’d say the Cats have a “great” media story. I guess it depends on how you mean great. In the sense of “there’s a lot there for the media to cover”, then yes, it’s definitely true.

If you mean “great” in the sense of “Cinderella story” or “beloved underdogs overcome adversity,” I’m not so sure. Safe to say that would be a “very complicated” media story.

But that aside, I’m glad to see the Cats pull together and turn things around, and very glad they finally made Braun the official head coach. I think we are seeing a case of making the best out of a very, very bad situation. The fact the Cats are even fun to watch more often than not is pretty surprising. Beating Illinois would make it an even more remarkable, if still very strange, season.


There is a specific order but it’s for the bowls to pick, not the order of finish in the league. . However, a bowl can’t take a team with two losses more than one ahead of it. I’m not sure that helps a lot but most bowls understand Northwestern fans do travel to bowl games and I don’t how many 6-6 teams are going to have large traveling fans.

The Ny Jets have demoted QB Zach Wilson to 3rd on the depth chart ; activating Trevor Simeien to the backup QB

Related is that rumors are being heard,that Aaron Rodgers might still play this season


247 sports is still projecting Northwestern vs Kansas in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl on 12/26 in Phoenix AZ.