Bracketology 2/20

Purdue is no longer the top seed in Joe Lunardi’s brackets, UConn get the nod. Purdue is still a 1 seed, as are Arizona and Houston.

Still just 6 Big Ten teams in the field.

Purdue - 1 seed
Illinois - 4 seed
Wisconsin - 5 seed
Michigan State - 7 seed
Northwestern - 9 seed
Nebraska - 10 seed

F-ing 8/9 seed.

We can’t seem to escape that. I would rather be 10 or dare I say a pre-round 11 than a 8-9.

I think we can win our first game no matter what the seed, but playing a 2 or 3 in the second round gives us a good chance to make it to the sweet 16.

I wonder how much we will get seed punished with Ty Berry out? The NCAA is generally a bunch of haters regarding injuries as besides FSU in football this year I recall Cincy being the overall predicted #1 seed getting dropped to the 2 line based on a late season injury a number of years back.

Yeah, 8-9 is tough to overcome because of the likely round 2 pairing, we’re being punished for the Chicago State game more than for Berry’s injury at this point, IMHO. As to FSU and the playoffs, the NCAA had nothing to do with that, the playoff committee is a separate group, though possibly with similar (arguably misguided) mindsets.

Iowa pulled off one of the rare conference road wins tonight at MSU. This puts them in 7th place in the conference standings. Iowa probably needs a deep run in the conference tournament to have much of a shot at the Tournament, though.

#15 Creighton beat #1 UConn by 19 at home tonight, their first ever victory over a #1 rated team.

Several upsets tonight for top 25 teams including Illinois who lost to PSU by a point Has to help NU in their attempts to make the Dance Now just do our business tomorrow against Michigan


Nebraska finally won a conference road game, a strong showing over Indiana, and their NET number is now 43, the Cats are stuck in the 50’s (58 today), probably hangover from the Chicago State game.

Michigan has had some good games, the Cats need to stay focused. A win would put us back into a tie for 3rd place with Wisconsin, but Nebraska and MSU are right behind us and in the hunt for a double-bye.

Jerry Palm has both Nebraska and Northwestern as 10 seeds.

Cats drop to a 10 seed and ‘last 4 byes’ group in Lunardi’s projections today, though their NET ranking moved up to 55.

The Cats get a few more rest days before the trip to Maryland. Buie looked a little gimpy late in the game, he needs to heal up.

I doubt anyone will catch Purdue, but Illinois has a tough schedule, 5 games left – 2 against Iowa and one against Purdue, Wisconsin on the road and Minnesota at home. Keep winning and another #2 finish is possible for the Cats.

Ohio State just got a buzzer beater 3 to beat Michigan State on the road, 60-57.

I think that will help NU. I just saw a bracket projection where MSU was seeded 8th and NU at 9. ( before todays game) A loss to them coming up will still result in a season split ,and thus far we have done better in conference and maybe slightly behind in NC