Braun bio has an error

According to a Tribune article, the bio posted for Interim coach David Braun incorrectly states that he has a masters degree. Some of the places where he worked in the past had the same error, it is not clear how the error originated.

Northwestern has corrected the information on their website, other schools may be asked to do the same.

I cant recall but I think it was either ND or Georgia that fired a coach a few days after their signing due to an incorrect bio


Yeah, but in that case it was a coach who had errors in his resume, and he resigned once it came out. Not sure that’s the case here, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it either way. Braun’s most recent previous employer did not have that error in his bio.

It was George O’Leary who would have left Georgia Tech to be the head
coach at Notre Dame. After he accepted the position, a newspaper
investigated the claims on his bio. He never coached a game at Notre
Dame as a result.


What is it with the name George, and falsifying your bio? Inquiring
minds want to know.

Whenever a bio goes out on me for a few boards that I’m on, they ask me if I want any changes to the draft .

I guess The NU athletic department is saying they lifted Braun’s bio from publicly available sources and didn’t run it by him. A bit strange way of doing things, and while a relatively minor error ( IMO) , it can’t be good with all of the other PR issues NU athletics is having


When I indicated that I had been a student at NU and MIT to perform cleanup work at Fernald which had generated much of the uranium metal from ore for use in nuclear weapons, the people were so certain that I was lying that I had to provide copies of my college transcripts.