Braun is officially named NU football coach

The leaks have now been confirmed by Northwestern.

Now, go beat Purdue!

Definitely Career Enhancing…

Now - does he go out and find a new OC, or other assistants? or just a new Defensive guy.
Then again, the last time we got an older, “former” UW coach, we did OK, and, as I understand, there’s a former UW coach out there who is got a pretty goo d Offensive Reputation & record.

Go B1GCats



Let no one underestimate the task Braun has ahead of him over the next several months, recruiting, coaching staff decisions, oh, and at least 2 more football games.

He’s gone from being a sort-of-boss to being the real boss, and that changes everything.

Coach Roy

If you are thinking about Chryst as the OC , I think it would not work well. He clearly was a finalist for the HC job. Hard to see Braun wanting a guy like that leaning over his shoulder Nothing against Chryst , always heard that he was a good guy and was good on offense but with Braun staying , let’s give him breathing room.

No doubt we need a new OC. Maybe another young guy who has had a good OC record at a small conference or an offensive line coach climbing the ladder from a major program

A DC will be more interesting. Does Braun try to do both HC and DC again, split the DC job with someone , or simply hire one for full time?


I don’t think he’d be that bad a fit, but I also think Chryst is likely to get a head coaching job, though it might take a year. Kind of depends how many coaches get fired in the next two weeks. I wonder if they’re having second thoughts in Madison right about now, this year is sort of a round-peg/square-hole situation with their primary QB down.

The story on the ESPN site about Braun being elevated to head coach seemed to me to suggest a less than fully enthusiastic attitude at today’s press conference introducing Braun as the 30th head coach at Northwestern.

However, I just watched the entire press conference, and that’s not the attitude I got from any of the speakers there.

A question was dangled towards the end of the press conference that touched on the issue of staff retention, I thought it was carefully deflected.