Cats beat Maryland at home 72-69

Heckuva game, close all night.

Every time I thought the ‘Cats might put it away, Maryland clawed back. That game took a year or two off my life.


Great game. The cats did wobble a little bit down the stretch, but stayed true to their D-first game plan and made their FT’s. Those last couple of stops against Maryland’s Young (who had been scoring at will) were awesome.

IMHO, as long as they can keep the game close, they have a chance against anyone.

They’ve got Nebraska on the road and then another shot at Illinois at home. The Illinois game should be a good measure of what the Cats learned from the last time they played. I didn’t see the Maryland Illinois game, but the box score suggested that Maryland just punished the Illini in the paint while Illinois struggled to score in the second half. AND there was the unfortunate “no hand shake” confrontation after the game between Reese who was part of that “in the paint” dominance and Illinois assistant coach Tim Anderson. Anderson complained about Reese “chirping” at the bench and with the crowd. These days, the way you deal with that is to win the game. IMHO refusing to shake hands after the game is just a bad example for his team about how you deal with a loss.

Illinois will likely demolish Michigan in AA tonight in order to feel better about themselves.


It looks like the MD game was a Q3 win, at least for now. Nebraska is currently Q1, but they lost in OT on the road at Rutgers last night, blowing double digit leads in both halves. They went 9 minutes without a bucket in the 2nd half. Sunday’s game in Lincoln and the one in Evanston next month (on my granddaughter’s birthday) will both be big games for tournament resume building.

Just a quick note. The game in Lincoln is on Saturday in case anyone wants to watch.


My bad, I knew it was on the 20th, I just mis-remembered the day of the week. (One of the things they tell you about retiring is that you tend to lose track of the days of the week, because you don’t have as many weekday activities grounded to them.)

Boy do I hear you there, about retirement. :slight_smile:

With the exception of a two-week four-game stretch from 2/11 - 2/22, NUMBB is Wednesday/Saturday the rest of the season. During those four games (PSU, @Rutgers, @IU, Michigan) we’re Sunday/Thursday. Makes it pretty easy to remember.