Cats come from behind at Penn State

The Cats overcame a 10 point 2nd half deficit to win 76-72 at Penn State tonight.

A solid road win, and one they needed to get off the bubble.

Cats move back into ‘last 4 byes’ group with a 10 seed.

Nebraska is a 9 seed after their big win over Purdue.

Cats are currently tied for 2nd in the conference standings, though the conference tournament will likely play a bigger role in their seeding should they go to the Dance again

I did already look at the 8 1st round venues figuring which I would attend should we get selected


Tomorrow’s game in Madison against the conference leader will be challenging, they beat Nebraska up pretty good last week.

That’s assuming they can get there amid the snow

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That’s assuming they can get there amid the snow

Here’s the big question: who will pull a Collette Connell, and kiss Kalen DeBoer in front of his wife when they arrive?

Connell is deceased.

I’m also hoping the Nebraska team got out of town yesterday, because the weather between Lincoln and Iowa City is lousy.

We had tickets to Les Miserables last night, and it was a great show, but we were glad the worst of the snow didn’t start until after we got home.

DeBoer is better looking than Saban ever was!