Cats get 23 points in final MBB poll

Cats got 23 points in the final AP MBB poll, placing them 35th.

The cats did get a mention during the wrap up of the UConn Purdue game.

One article explored the future of “big” centers in the NBA. It mentioned UConn’s 8 blocks by Clingan in the Northwestern game.

The NBA game with the dominance of five-out offenses and “switch everything” defenses has put a lot of pressure on slow footed centers. They become a liability if they can’t shoot the three and navigate the drop coverage required to pressure three point shooters while protecting the paint. The modern NBA prototype center is a skinny 7’+ guard (Wemby, Holmgren, and Porzingis). Jokic and Embid are the exceptions to the rule, but only because they are extraordinarily talented athletes who can shoot and defend the three, pass, run the fast break, and dominate offensively and defensively in the paint. Even Shack has admitted that he couldn’t demonate the modern game in the same way that he used to because of the need to defend the three.