Cats hire former Attorney General to lead probe into NU athletics

This will buy Schill some more time.

Perhaps Gragg will take the fall when those results are made public.

By then, they may be hoping that they will have appointed a new full time rather than interim football coach who can do a further house cleaning of assistants and staff which may provide some additional fall guys.

In the meantime the lawsuits and their respective discovery will also move forward.

At some point, the original internal investigations will also end up leaking.

That may be the point at which Schill is going to have to defend his decision to suspend and then fire Fitz.

Maybe they are hoping by that time that Schill will have developed enough trust with the students, staff, and public that they will forget how he fumbled this whole thing in the first place.

In the business world, that’s called the puppy dog sale.