Cats rebound against DePaul

It’ll probably only be a Q4 or at best Q3 game, but the Cats beat DePaul on the road tonight, 56-46.

This was their lowest scoring game this season, they scored 57 in their loss to Mississippi State.

Up next, a trip to Arizona State on Wednesday.

Mike Nolan

Probably Quad 4 - generally considered to be the second worse Power 6 school.

Cats drop from having 147 points in the AP poll last week and #25 to just 5 points this week.

Which shows (to me) that some of these people in the poll just look at scores. NU was beating up on people and got ranked appropriately.

But they played somebody who figured out how to match up with the Cats, and there came the first loss.

We rebounded against DePaul, but apparently, the other teams have figured out how to slow down the B1GCats offense.

Will be an interesting season…

Go B1GCats


I’ve always thought the coaches paid more attention to the actual games than the AP voters, though some years ago one of the football coaches admitted that an assistant filled out his ballot during the first half of the season.

NU nearly led wire to wire in a blowout against ASU out in the desert . NU defense ( or ASU horrible shooting) held the Sun Devils to just 13 1st half points en route to a 65-46 victory. I did not ever remember NU holding any major conference team to 13 points in a first half. ( I know we have been on the other end with 15 a few times in my following them since the mid 70’s)

I don’t expect the win to lift us back to a top 25 ranking , but it should help if we can keep winning again


I think it’ll take some solid conference wins against good schools to get back in the good graces of the poll voters, and I’m OK with that. I’d rather they be unloved and winning than loved and losing.

Being ranked is nice, and maybe useful in talking to recruits. But, if NU makes the tournament again this year, it won’t matter.