Cats win in OT

Cats score 19 points in the first half, manage to get to OT after blowing a lead, then scored 19 points in OT to win 77-65.

Langborg was a scoring machine in OT.

Great game.

Got no love from the refs down the stretch.

But the Cats showed again that it isn’t all Buie. Barnhizer makes the big shot with 9 seconds left on the clock to send the game into overtime.

Once they got into OT, the Cats went on a 19-7 run and put the game away with 2:30 left. Lanborg made the first 9 and ended up with 14. With 27 for the game, he became the first player ever to score 20+ in the tournament for two different schools (transferred from Princeton).

We’ll see how UConn does against Stetson, but it is great that our Cats made it to the round of 32.


3rd time is a charm to taking down a #1 seed?

I wonder what the record is for consecutive first round victories? I’m sure more than 3, but I would guess under 10.

I believe we’ve been the 9 seed each year. I wonder what the record is for consecutive first round upsets? I would guess 3 is probably very close to the record as most teams that are often dogs don’t hit the sweet spot of being a dog, but not too big of a dog – 8-9 or 7-10 or 6-11.

Cats were a 7 seed last year and an 8 seed in 2017.’s_basketball

you are right. I thought we were 9s all 3 times. Obviously last time we escaped facing the #1 seed, but didn’t capitalize on it.

It’s probably Kansas. They have the longest record for consecutive tournament appearances (34) and the last time they lost a first round game was in 2006. So that gives them 18 consecutive first round wins since then.


Impressive first round consistency, although they were the higher seed every year and not just by a little.’s_basketball

From 2007-2023
Seed 1-1-3-1-1-2-1-2-2-1-1-1-4-<2020>-3-1-1
1988 and 1999 they were a 6 seed
2000 they were a 8 seed
otherwise they were top 4(mostly 1s or 2s) seeds EVERY year.

Almost all of their losses were to worse teams. Only a few years did they lose to an equivalent team or better.

List friends,

I was fortunate enough to be at today’s game, courtesy of my good friend and fellow list mate, Willie Weinbaum, who bought a block of tickets. The only Opening Round site I was able to go to was Brooklyn, as I recently had back surgery and developed a blood clot in my leg and can’t fly. So when I saw our bracket on Selection Sunday, I was jubilant—but not as happy as I am now.

Northwestern fans were dominant—and loud—at Barclays Center. I have been to a number of NU sporting events in NYC area, but nothing close to this. It
was amazing.

This team showed character and guts—aided by a huge Free Throw miss by FAU’s
center, who had been nearly flawless from the Foul Line.

We play with house money on Sunday against UConn, my
Brother-in-Law’s alma mater. I will be there. And if we win, my intention is to go to Boston for Sweet Sixteen. I can’t believe I am even writing this. When I was at NU, if we won 2 or 3
Games in the Conference, it was a big deal.

Go ‘Cats!


Paul H. Levinson

UConn really thumped Stetson, they’ll be a handful on Sunday.

They are great, and Clingan, their Center is a force. Not having Big Nich in the middle will make it a steep climb for NU, to put it euphemistically. But CC and his staff will have them ready to rumble. All the pressure is on the Huskies, and Boo, Brooks, and Ryan don’t back down to anyone. We beat Purdue (and almost beat them again at Mackey) and Illinois, so we know we can hang with really good, talented teams. If we can stay out of foul trouble, which we did today, we have a Puncher’s Chance. And I don’t think Boonis ready for his college career to come to a close.


Paul H. Levinson

Nebraska spoiled the Big Ten’s win streak in the NCAA tournament by losing to Texas A&M in a game where they looked pretty lifeless after the first five minutes.

Wisconsin fell into the dreaded 5-12 upset trap against James Madison tonight, but Purdue won with ease.

So the Big Ten went 4-2 in the first round.

i don’t know what the record is but Duke is now on an eight year streak of round one wins. Before yesterday, Louisville women unde Jeff Walz were 14-0 in the first round. Now 14-1.

Go Cats

Tomorrow’s game is a 6:45 PM CT on TRU TV. Cats are big underdogs, of course.