Cats win over Maryland

Big win, good defensive effort and best offensive showing this season.

Cats are 4-4, is there a bowl game in their future?

Mike Nolan

After the Howard game I didn’t think The Cats would win any more games, but gladly I was proven wrong. Clearly Sully had his best game ever and fortunately Tagoliova was not real accurate on several throws

May have sealed Braun being named HC ( though who called that squib kick?!!$



I agree with you on the squib 100%—and so texted at the time. I also was very unhappy with the Uber conservative play calling after the Terps pulled within 6. We were playing not to lose—always a dangerous and frustrating approach. We needed one first down to really bleed the clock, and didn’t try with any intensity to get it.

I don’t think Braun has clinched anything yet, but he is certainly making a case for himself. At a minimum, I would like to see him retained as DC—unless the ultimate HC hire (if an outsider) won’t take him. If we manage to become bowl-eligible by splitting our remaining 4 games, he likely becomes the Head Coach. Anything less, and it’s a crapshoot.

He seems like a solid guy, and certainly had the ‘Cats well-prepared today. Our defense has an identity that it lacked for two forgettable years under O’Neil.

Maryland had many more penalties and mistakes than NU. And it ended up costing them the game.

Go ‘Cats!


Paul H. Levinson

According to the stats, Northwestern had 8 penalties for 69 yards and Maryland had 6 penalties, also for 69 yards. But they did have 2 turnovers, none for the Cats today.

Maryland had more first downs, more rushing and more passing yardage, but Northwestern had more big plays.

Not easily seen in the stats was a 70 Yard kickoff return that led to 3 points for the Cats. The Terps also had unsportsmanlike penalties that probably hurt them more than the Cats unsportsmanlike penalties. Same for a 5 yard penalty that helped the Cats move the ball from inside their Own 5

In any event the Cats are only 1 game behind in the BT West title chase and likely 2 wins away from a bowl



Somebody devised a scenario for a 7 way B1G west tie. All teams 3-3 in the west and 4-5 overall in the conference. Insane.

Sickos Committee, LOL! Well-named.

But it looks like yesterday’s results broke the pattern.

I love these “possible”s, but I think this one goes into the “highly unlikely” bin. Iowa losing to both Illinois and Nebraska? Badgers losing to both Hoosiers and ‘Cats? I’d love to see it, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.


Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl
Amon G. Carter Stadium (Fort Worth, Texas)
3:30 p.m., ABC and the ESPN App
Bonagura: BYU vs. Virginia Tech
Schlabach: West Virginia vs. Northwestern

I would prefer Morgantown night game with the crowd singing “Almost heaven, West Virginia…”