Chat for Rutgers Game

I’ve set up a Chat channel in the discourse interface for the Rutgers game.

This link should get you to it, but you will need to be logged in to the server, it will not work via email.

The chats are under ‘channels’ in the left-hand sidebar. If you don’t see the left-hand sidebar at all, click on the 3 lines icon (called the hamburger menu icon) in the upper left hand corner.

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Based on listening to the Ill-whine-I struggle and and Io_a still not have any offense anybody a bit more optimistic?
PSU impressed me. Wisconsin looked bored. Minnesota and Nebraska was gritty, which I kind of liked, but it didn’t give a feeling whether either were good or bad.

so far not impressed with the DL’s ability to stop runs up the middle.

Nobody showed up for the chat, but the Cats seemed missing in action as well, narrowly avoiding the shutout with a last-minute score, losing 24-7.

Looks like a rough season in Evanston.

Certainly a lot of sore spots. The biggest IMO was the OL -missing Skoronski and a few others really hurt. And Rutgers is thought to be near the bottom of the conference

It certainly seems like it will be a very long season; the only positive thought I came away with is the team is new; the coaching is new . Perhaps the coaches and players will soon figure out how everything fits together


It was a team loss.

No aspect stood out as even average rather all aspects seemed pretty marginal.

Glad we scored at the end.

For us it was great to see fellow alums – classes 59, 61, 87, and 93 represented.

Is there a QB Controversy?

I thought the kid who started did OK, he was just running for his life most of the time.

But then a few folks liked the 2nd kid.

It seemed like they were running players in and out to see who they had, and who could do what.

big question mark

Go B1GCats


Fwiw we open 1.5 points underdog at home to UTEP this week


Without a better OL, I’m not sure Aaron Rodgers would have had a great day under center for the Cats.

Bryant was 20/35 with 2 INTs and 169 yards.

Sullivan, who played some last season, was 3/4 for 13 yards and a TD.

12 yards rushing (including -15 for the QB) was pathetic.

As Gary Barnet’s O Line Coach (Tom Bratton) used to say…

It All Starts on the Offensive Line

Go B1GCats


One interesting stat I noticed from our game was a total of 5 penalties combined for both teams. ( I can’t recall if there were others that were declined). For an opening game, and one where at least one team ( NU) was operating with a new HC and DC , that seems very low and speaks of some excellent discipline. Hopefully this nugget of sunlight will prove beneficial going forward


And one of those penalties on the ‘Cats, the PI that kept Rutgers’ second (?) drive alive was complete crap. The d-back got position on the receiver and had as much right to the ball. I’m not saying we were good, but getting a stop on that drive would have been big.