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I have to admit not having looked at it recently, but the coaching staff on the football page only has about 5 coaches listed. Not sure if that’s indicative of anything.

I’m not sure whether it’s been said here, but during the bowl game, the announcers said McGarigle is being promoted to DC, and as many as 5 coaching changes will be made.


I know I mentioned the McGarigle promotion, but he’s not among the coaches currently listed on the website.

I was wondering when the coaches would find out their fates: Merry Christmas, you’re unemployed!

After the win, and the turnaround season, they won’t be unemployed long… (despite what some on the list think), but its easy to see why some of the Seniors chose to transfer, if only to follow a coach that they like and respect.

Go B1GCats


At many schools the assistant coaches are on two-year rollover contracts, so if they’re not retained after a head coaching change they’ve got a year to land a new job. I don’t know if that’s the case at Northwestern.

I would think that if they were on a rollover contract, and were coming back, they would have kept their names up on the website due to recruiting contacts.

But if a coach is going to leave after the bowl game, then I’m pretty sure the staff and players are well aware of the changes and I’m not surprised that the coaches leaving were already off the NU site.



but I just checked NU Sports, and nothing has changed yet…

Go B1GCats


The NU sports website continues to be kind of a train wreck, but this list seems to include all the coaches for this year:

I just listened to Braun’s post-bowl-game press conference, he was asked about Bajakian and McGarigle and declined to discuss staff issues, saying that’s part of resetting things for 2024 in January.

We watched also.

He is getting better at interviews.
In early interviews he had his ballcap pulled down over his eyes almost hiding.
Now he seems a lot more confident.

The most interesting thing was that we couldn’t have signed any more players as we are full up on scholarships. He is just hoping for some more walk-ons.

Now that might change based on portal departures and graduated players with eligibility that decide not to return.

Yeah, he is improving but still needs work.

Some coaches are naturals in front of the camera, some never get comfortable, some absolutely hate talking to the press at all. Fitz got better after the first year or two but the last few years he was pretty defensive after yet another ugly loss, kind of like he didn’t have an answer for how to fix the problems other than ‘we have to work harder’.

The over/under on Braun using the word ‘proud’ in a post-game press conference seems to be about 10. (When I was in HS, our social studies teacher used the word ‘basically’ constantly, we ran a daily pool on how many times he’d use it in each class.)

Do you mean not transfer?

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