Colorado Board discussing move to Big Twelve

CU’s Board has an agenda item for a possible move to the Big Twelve. A vote could come as early as tomorrow.

Looks like the Big Twelve has unanimously accepted CU back into the conference, the CU Board is expected to vote on this yet today.

I wonder how the Colorado news is impacting Big Ten Media Days, but maybe they’re already done for the day in Indy?

If the Pac-12 is breaking up, will the Big Ten be willing to pick up some of the pieces. I can think of several schools they might want, and a few they probably don’t.

I think this increases the possibility of ASU, U of A and Utah (the “four corners schools ad they’re called here) moving to the Big XII. We’ll see if that gets UDub, Oregon, Cal and Stanford making more Big Ten overtures. I still think they all make sense academically, TV market wise and to have a west coast travel pod. Plus I really wanna see that sea of purple in Husky Stadium with cats vs. dogs!


Don’t be surprised if the B1G is uninterested in any of them as no one moves the TV needle enough to make up for the new split of revenue that would result. I don’t think any remaining PAC-12 school s items the B1G’s TV networks.

Washington and Oregon at a discount wouldn’t be bad.

Why not take Arizona, ASU, and Utah and drop Northwestern for an even 20?

Partially joking, but the way our university is flubbing this scandal I think the UofC route is getting more attractive. Hell, the conference might even offer us a $300 million buyout to go away from athletics.

I don’t see how these four teams fail to move the needle.

The Bay Area is the #10 media market nationally. Seattle is #12. Oregon is a bigger brand than just about any school west of Texas.

Plus add in all the travel implications of having more teams out west (not for football so much, but for every other sport that has multiple games per week) and it makes sense.

Academically, they make sense as well.

If the Pac 12 falls apart (it’s starting to and if the rest of the Four Corners Four leave it will), these four seem like excellent additions to the Big Ten now that we’ve added SC and UCLA.

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The Tribune story on CU is saying that there are ongoing talks with Arizona, ASU and Utah that may soon result in those schools joining CU in moving to the Big 12. How can the Pac-12 survive that?

Prior to the last month I could look at the conference realignment with amusement as I would see the schools squirm from my safe perch.

Now my perch is in a tree that is on fire and my wing is broken so I can’t fly away and there is a pack of wolves circling beneath the tree.

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The Tribune story on CU is saying that there are ongoing talks with Arizona, ASU and Utah that may soon result in those schools joining CU in moving to the Big 12. How can the Pac-12 survive that?

Are you saying that the other universities should start "Pac"king their bags?


No doubt NU and NU football has been hit squarely in the face-However -I dont share your extreme pessimisn

Listening to Braun’s opening statement at the BIG presser gives me a bit of hope–He honestly feels that the team is more determined to come together, and overcome the events of the past few weeks … I understand talk is cheap, but I also believe the players on the team have the mental toughness to overcome the adversity . Whether their talent (or quite possibly lack of talent) will be enough to win some games, I dont know, but I have some hope. The bar is low; we are coming off a 1 win season (by the skin of our teeth)–and I dont think we could have had an easier schedule ahead of us


I haven’t had a chance to watch a full replay of Braun’s comments, but from what I have seen he did a pretty good job in a nearly impossible situation, all alone. No, he doesn’t have the media experience and presence that Matt Rhule has shown in taking Nebraska, if not the nation, by storm, but it does give me some hope that 2023 won’t be a totally lost season.

The Big Twelve is apparently looking to add just one team at this time, to remain at 14 after OU/Texas leave.

SMU, but there is already such a big Texas presence.

What about Memphis, which fits within the geography?

I don’t think Colorado State would be acceptable to Colorado and why add just a little media?

I don’t see Memphis moving the needle much, and how tied are they to the AAC?