Computers decide MWC championship participants

The MWC apparently doesn’t have a detailed tiebreak scenario, so they used a computer to decide which of the 3 teams at the top of the standings (at 6-2) will play for the title.

The computer chose UNLV and Boise State, San Jose State is the odd man out.

When will AI overtake us all ?

You’re assuming it hasn’t already, Harry. (Or at least I think you’re still Harry!)

I’d love to see how they wrote the “criteria” to make the decision.

We never had to get down past the 3rd level of tie-breakers in the leagues I work with (Little League and Legion), but it sure got close a few times.

we almost has something similar in the B1G West this year, for #2, everyone had lost or won over teams with identical records. Fortunately, the B1GCats won last night and broke most of the ties.

Go B1GCats


I doubt the tie breaks will make any difference where NU goes bowling, though.

Am I right that Ben Bryant is out of eligibility? I’ve seen some 7 year players and I think one 8 year college player due to COVID rules etc., that’s longer than most NFL careers!

With the latest CFP rankings having Ohio State at # 6 , it is extremely unlikely (IMO)that the BT gets 2 spots in the final 4. You would need 2 of the top 4 to lose their conference title game Obviously if one of those is Michigan , they would be out. If Georgia would somehow lose to Alabama , the Tide would jump in to 4 th spot. If Washington wins , they are in. FSU must lose but even that occurrence combined with an Oregon win , would most likely send Oregon to the CFP. I could possibly see Ohio State sneaking back in with an FSU loss and a very close Oregon win. I would expect Oregon to run up the score if they are in a position to do so; similar to when OSU ran up the score in the BT championship game in the first set of CFP playoffs. That resulted in a change on the committees vote and they then went in to win the national title.

Should be a fun weekend for college fans; maybe even more so than New Years weekend


The semifinals have sometimes produced the best games of the playoffs. Mid-level bowl games often interest me at least as much as the semi-finals of the playoffs, not really sure why, but I think they’re more about the fun of college football than the pressure of becoming the national champion. The New Years Six games are consolation games and a lot of teams play like they really don’t care if they win.

Next year’s 12 team format is going to reset all expectations for bowl/playoff season. But will it have the level of interest that the Big Dance has?