ESPN+ article on coaching hires

ESPN+ has an article on coaching hires that includes Northwestern.

(Correction: ESPN+ did eventually work for me to get this article.)

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ESPN+ has an article on coaching hires that includes Northwestern, but I don’t have ESPN+ even though I have the Disney/ESPN+ package on Hulu. (I called, it doesn’t include the ESPN+ print articles, so not all ESPN+ packages are the same.)

So I don’t know what grade they gave us on promoting Braun. I wonder if he’s looking at the QBs who just entered the transfer portal or the CU decommit?

While I can’t comment on ESPN’s take on David Braun’s hiring, here is CBS Sports’ classification of it. They rate it a B.

I was able to access the ESPN+ article today after logging in using my HULU account. Maybe it just took some time for all the records to settle.

They give the Cats a B+ on Braun, same as A&M on Elko.

ESPN gave the Braun hire a B+, same as Elmo to TAMU. They gave MSU an A for the Oregon State coach.

B+ is a pretty high grade for a coach who hasn’t put together his first recruiting class yet.

It’ll be interesting to see how Smith does at MSU, do they have the personnel for a wide-open offense, and will it work against traditional Big Ten programs?

With the latest hires and fires,clearly the article from CBS was written very recently , like today.

Yet the author rates the NU hiring of Braun a B describing his work as bringing the Cats to the brink of bowl eligibility. Maybe the author would have graded it at least a B + if the author realized NU is actually bowl eligible and not on the brink. We were at The brink about 9 days ago right before the victory over Purdue


Apparently they didn’t rewrite the earlier sections.

Another case of Rodney Dangerfield.


What Braun did is an MBA case study in (crisis) management success.

Which should be studied by his bosses