ESPN Daily: The Transfer Portal, Explained

The Transfer Portal, Explained
ESPN Daily

If you are a college sports fan, odds are you’ve heard the words “transfer portal” way too many times recently … and that’s not a coincidence. Athletes are entering the transfer portal at higher rates now than ever before. For example, At least 71 football players from the University of Colorado have entered the portal since last August, and 61 have entered since Deion Sanders was named head coach of the Buffs in December. But football isn’t the only sport that’s seeing a large number of players using the portal. Maryland transfer Angel Reese recently led the LSU Women’s Basketball team to a national title, and since then, former Louisville star Haley Van Lith and DePaul standout Aneesah Morrow have also joined the Tigers. With so many players taking advantage of the transfer portal now, it is clear to see that the landscape of college sports has seismically changed. So today, Tom VanHaaren joins the show to tell us all about the transfer portal…and why it’s changing the game in college sports. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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