ESPN+ story on NU coaching search

ESPN+ has a story on the two coaching searches under way in the Big Ten (NU and MSU), but unless you subscribe to ESPN+, which I don’t, you can’t see the meat of the story, so I don’t know what coaches they mention as possibilities.

Mike Nolan

Article suggested NU is likely seeking a veteran head coach, specifically mentioning Willie Fritz, Lance Leopold, Dave Clawson and Troy Calhoun. Also indicates bowl eligibility might be enough for David Braun to keep the job.

The article also lists possible coaches for MSU: Pat Narduzzi, Pat Shurnur, Jake Dickert and Mike Elko.

Jim B.

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Thanks. One issue with elevating Braun is does he then have to replace all the assistant coaches?

Taking the Cats to a bowl game might be the coaching job of the year.

Also, we don’t yet know how well Braun can recruit.


Bowl game? I am predicting NU has won their last game this year. While I hope I am wrong, at this point I don’t see any games that we can win


I’m sure the Cats will be underdogs in every game, but Illinois looks like a hot mess, Nebraska has been inconsistent and has had a rash of injuries and Purdue is still struggling to establish an identity under their new coach. Wisconsin and Maryland could be ugly but Iowa seems to be having trouble scoring again this year and that game tends to be strange anyway.

Perhaps what I should have said was that if Braun could get the Cats to a bowl game, that’d be the coaching job of the year. A big IF, of course, but even 3 wins is above ESPN’s prediction (2.5, as I recall.)

Not sure we’ll get a good measure on that unless he gets the interim tag removed soon, who wants to commit to a team that is gonna replace all its coaches soon?

In his post game presser there was something missing about his bye week comments.

Normally I expect the coach to talk about using the bye week to go on the road recruiting; I didn’t hear that.

Note: I listened to an audiobook about semicolons and thought I would try one, although I’m still generally very afraid of them.

247 sports lists 10 hard recruits for Northwestern’s 2024 class, 9 of them are 3-star recruits and one is not rated.

2 of them committed after the coaching change, but might have been offered ahead of that.