FB coaches cost per win

Harry sent this to me because he’s having trouble getting on.

No surprise that Fitz is on this list, wasn’t all that long ago that Kirk Ferentz was listed in the same category:

Mike Nolan

I wonder if anyone does similar statistics on dollars per win for basketball coaches? CC would probably have looked pretty good this past season.

Mike Nolan

Basketball is a little bit different as a team could go 30-2 and by losing in the conference tournament and not playing anybody non-conference miss the NCAAs. OTOH 18-14 vs. the best competition could make the tourney.

Here is what you are asking for, however it is on program cost vs. head coach cost. You have some 2022 Fitz levels of success and you have some Georgia levels that cost the same per win.

I think if you kept the comparisons to within the conference, that’d even out the scheduling issues some, though there are schools, even in the Big Ten, where their non-conference schedule is limited to Q3 and
Q4 teams.

And this is one of those ‘the rich get richer’ issues, because schools like Gonzaga, MSU and Duke get invited to the high profile holiday tournaments, Northwestern doesn’t.