Fitz's future

From the Tribune article on Fitz’s firing:

Sports marketing consultant Marc Ganis said he expects Fitzgerald will find other employment very quickly.

“Pat Fitzgerald,” Ganis said, “has just become the most sought-after free agent in all of college football.”

I’m not so sure about that, but I’ve been wrong before (several times in the last few days, in fact.)

He may want to retire. ( or at least sit it out for awhile). I know he really wanted to coach his kid ; who is now a freshman TE. I’m told the kid also had an outstanding academic record at Loyola Academy

In what will almost certainly be a battle of competing press conferences and releases, Fitz’s attorney has said that Fitz was fired ‘for cause’. Lots of other legal positioning phrases.

“For Cause” would allow them to get out of paying Fitz any more money, as I remember my “talent contracts.”



Yeah, that’s what I remember from my business law classes, too. And the attorney teaching the class, who was formerly Nebraska’s vice-chancellor for business affairs, said that ‘for cause’ is often hard to prove in court. His advice was ‘settle quickly and quietly’. (It’s worth noting that this class was about a year after the Tylenol deaths, we spent a lot of time talking about ‘damage control’, something NU needs to be thinking about.)

Today’s interview means the legal wrangling is just getting started. The longer it lasts, the worse it will be and nobody involved will come out smelling good.

Can University Presidents be fired ‘for cause’ too?