Former NU players claim lack of due process in Fitz firing

I happen to agree with the letter writers regarding “a clear failure of unbiased and principled leadership”.

Gragg continues to have difficulty getting out of his own way. He fumbled the baseball coaching hire and then demonstrated with the t-shirt response that he was seriously out of touch with the football program (staff and players had been wearing the t-shirts for weeks before the news broke).

Just wanted to share news from MSU. They took a similar approach to the Larry Nassar scandal. Their failure to deal with the institutional rot that was the root cause for the decades of abuse by Nassar has led to a revolving door of Presidents, each chased by their own scandal.

While I agree with other posts that NU will likely seek to settle all disputes rather than go to court, I’m concerned that the attempts to retain Schill, Gragg, and the new stadium project will ultimately backfire on NU in the same way that it has for MSU.

It’s always a matter of perspective.

Many of us thought Mark Murphy had the dream job when he was hired by the Packers, but it looks like he’s presiding over a long term decline in the team. And he’s going to be a defendant in a number of suits about the NU mess.

Kevin Warren looked dead in the water after the flubbed the Covid season, now he’s running the Bears. (That doesn’t solve the Bears’ long term problems due to inept ownership, though.)

And Jim Warren looked like a superstar going to the ACC, now he might have the toughest job in sports trying to keep that conference from imploding like the Pac-12 did.