Iowa gets beat by LSU in women's champ finale

I really expected Iowa to do better in this game, but they were never really in the game, and the Iowa coach had that ‘what happened’ look on her face most of the 2nd half.

Mike Nolan

I hoped they would do better … but not surprised. When you have that incredible of a semfinal upset (and it really was a HUGE deal to take down South Carolina like that), a lot of times there’s just a letdown in the final two days later. Same thing wth earlier rounds when a team gets an upset in the first round and fades R2 or big win S16 and can’t match it E8. The two day turnaround is tough to come down from when you get that high.

I was hoping they’d win, but not all that heartbroken to see Io_a lose either. :slight_smile: