Jets Fans suffering continues - Aaron Rodgers has torn left Achilles tendon

Sources reporting that MRI confirms Rodgers has torn left Achilles tendon. The injury will likely keep Rodgers out the rest of the season, and recovery is always a bit iffy.

Jets fans suffer another setback in a long series of them.

Between the ‘Cats and the Jets, my football fandom has become a nightmare.

Long-suffering is part of my name.


Paul H. Levinson

We have two things in common Paul! The Cats and the Jets!

I think Namath made a deal with the devil and now the Jets are living under the curse…it’s not just the Cubs and the Red Sox! And it’s amazing how both of those franchises have won championships!

But now…think about it…Joe Namath’s knee, the field in Miami in ’82, Vinnie’s Achilles, Neal’s calf, Brett’s shoulder, Aaron’s Achilles…

Is Tom Brady available??

Kenneth Maresco

Certainly makes Mark Murphy’s QB decisions prescient. Rodgers burned a lot of bridges on his way out of town. That combined with the good play of Love suggest that, contrary to what Rodgers was saying, the Packer front office may actually know what they are doing. Wish I could say the same about the Bears.


The Rodgers injury reminded this Celtic fan of Gordon Heywards. He came to the Celtics with a lot of pushing, begging and squeezing eventually signing a 4 year $125 mm deal. His suffered a season ending injury in the first quarter of his first game His college coach (then upstairs with the Celtics) traded him a year or so later.

Rodgers at 39 , may take a long time to heal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is through for good


I am sorry for you Jets fans but as a lifelong Bears fan I am pleased to see Aaron (I own you) rodgers get put down

I really don’t want to see any athlete injured badly, I was hoping to enjoy watching the Jets put together another 7-10 season, with Rodgers looking like a mere mortal.

Meanwhile, Jordan Love looked like Bearmaster 3.0 on Sunday. :sigh: Or maybe it was just Bears 1.0

FWIW - the Jets Did win the game in overtime, and were leading until the FG at the end of the game.

Our “super sub” isn’t on the Jets roster any more, is he?

Go B1GCats


I second that about injuries to athletes. No matter what team they play for , ( and this includes players from arch rivals. ) I don’t want to see someone get injured.

( Perhaps I might have an exception for a head hunting pitcher , or a player who inflicts a cheap hit on an opposing player )


Trevor Siemian was released by the Bengals a few weeks ago and is not on anybody’s roster or practice squad at the moment.

The NFL needs to take a serious look at banning artificial turf. The new FieldTurf at the Jets home wasn’t much better than the old when it comes to minimizing injuries, as Rogers can unfortunately attest.

Of the 10 NFL stadiums with domes or retractable roofs, I think only one of them has a grass surface, but that stadium was designed so that the grass can be rolled outside in between games to get natural sunlight.

It’s now 2: both Arizona Cardinals and Las Vegas Raiders roll in grass for their games.

Someone suggested to me that Met life has more injuries than usual. Not sure if that is because they play nearly twice as many games there as anywhere else ( except SoFi) or if there is something peculiar going on The PA might want to look at it, if they haven’t already


Then NFLPA has already issued another call for converting all NFL stadiums to grass surfaces, though that would be challenging in some of the domed ones.


MetLife had been gaining a reputation as a hazardous place to play—i.e., the turf was a real problem and players didn’t want to play on it. However, Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles on the brand-new turf that was installed between seasons.


Paul H. Levinson

It looks like the Jets could be on the hook for $75 million, as the 2 year contract is fully guaranteed.

Two possibilities:

They insured him against season or career ending injuries, assuming some company was willing to underwrite the risk.

Aaron decides to retire, in which case there may be a partial payout (probably depends on what the contract says.)

However, being on IR may take him at least partially out of the salary cap.

The WSJ has an article on turf vs grass, it says that 17 NFL stadiums have artificial surfaces.

It also says the NFL’s study shows that the rates of major injuries (ACL and Achilles) are the same on both types of surfaces, though minor injuries are more prevalent on turf.