List reorganization question

When I moved from mailman to discourse, I merged the Husker List and the Northwestern List together. That wasn’t an ideal solution, so I’m looking to split them up again.

I’ll try to keep this as transparent as I can. Those of you getting messages from the legacy listserver should see little change in how your messages arrive. Replying to posts should continue to work, though the reply-to address will be different. (It’s unique for each message anyway.) will continue to be the gateway server for new subscribers, but there will be separate domain names for each list and that will affect how you start new topic via email and how you log in to the discourse server, for those of you who have started doing that.

And that’s where I have some options as to what domain name to choose.

Which of these would you prefer:
something else?

I’d do this as a poll but only those who log in to the discourse server have the ability to vote in polls, so let’s just do it as an open discussion topic.

I hope to get the changes made (which will involve taking the list offline for day or so) long before fall football practice opens up, but that does give us some time to talk about it.

Mike Nolan

I’m voting for the first one. Careful of those Chicago voters who might look at the graveyards to help stuff the ballot


I second the first choice.

Maureen and the dogs also vote for the first choice. Her deceased father is still undecided.

I like NU-sports-list…

but so do the Huskers (altho they are technically UNL as you well know)

Go B1GCats


In a recent administrative change, the UNL Athletic Department now reports to the President of the University of Nebraska, so the AD now reports to the President, not the new Chancellor.

Among other things, this changes who has a seat on the Big Ten Council. Whether this meets the Big Ten’s rules for who can sit on the Council is debatable. As someone at UNL wrote:

Questions linger. A university colleague posted online: *“*The Big Ten admitted the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, not Varner Hall, an entity without a student body. The Big Ten regulations require oversight of the athletic department by the faculty and student body. Varner has neither.”

I second Coach Roy’s vote. It’s NU-Sports. Which variation of that, I don’t care. Just get rid of “nwu”. it will be, then. ( may still appear in some places.)

I may try to make this change tomorrow (8/3), it will involve taking the list offline for a few hours.

Mike Nolan