Looks like the stadium project is still on the table

Northwestern has offered some concessions to the people opposed to the stadium project, decreasing the number of concerts and events. The Ryan family has also offered to establish a $10 million ‘technology upskilling’ program for Evanston residents.

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I cant read ( even with a subscription. ) I was talking with a neighbor yesterday (double NU alum, and kid going there) and he concluded that Schiller probably feels with the recent events ,his bargaining power has diminished .

I’m surprised Pat Ryan is still willing to write some checks


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Most powerful people don’t like to be told no.

Their experience has taught them to suspect the motives of others AND that money will often paper over differences.

Ryan and NU clearly want to get this stadium built and perhaps feel that this is going to be their last chance to get that done.

I agree with them that if the stadium project hasn’t broken ground by the time the hazing cases get to court, the stadium window will likely close because the stench of hypocrisy will be too much for even folks like Ryan to bear.


My guess is NU will settle before the cases get to the courtroom, that’s far more visibility than they will want.