Michigan beats #11 WIsconsin at home

Michigan won its 3rd conference game of the year with a 72-68 win over #11 Wisconsin at home.

Now on to the Huskers vs the Cats!

Cats lead 47-31 at the half, best first half this season. Good deep shooting by the Cats and they’re winning the offensive rebound and turnover battles.

‘Cats are letting Nebraska make these last two minutes way too interesting….


Yeah, a 21 point lead dwindled down to 8, but the Cats make some free throws when they had to and win 80-68. Let’s hope Ty Berry isn’t going to miss time, the Cats were inconsistent with him out for the 2nd half.

Cats move from 60 to 55 in today’s NET rankings, Nebraska drops from 52 to 57.

No update on Berry beyond CC’s comment last night that he twisted his knee.

Cats remain a 9 seed in Lunardi’s latest brackets.

Haven’t seen an official update on Ty Berry yet.